A few ways to use Jing which takes pictures

  • of your screen.
  • of onscreen action.
  • over the web, IM, email.

  • collaborate
    Collaborate on a design project
  • share snapshot
    share snapshot
    Share a snapshot of a document
  • speech
    Narrate your vacation photos
  • bug
    Capture that pesky bug in action

  • family tech support
    family tech support
    Show Dad how to use iTunes
  • homework
    Comment verbally on students' homework
  • tidbits
    Post tidbits from your life on Twitter or Facebook

Jing Informational Video

I use Jing a lot! I use it to show others how to do things on the computer. All I do is video or take a picture of what they need, and then send the link to them in an email or post it on the web. If you check out the link below of my examples, you'll see the various ways I've used it. You can take a picture of an assignment and then post it to your flipchart on ActivStudio/ActivInspire or RM Easiteach. The ways to use it are endless. Jing is one of my favorites.

Examples of Jing Projects I've used
Kctest314 Folder of Jing Projects